The Fourth of July is always a fun day here in Idaho and families, friends, and businesses all celebrate differently. Outside of the usual red, white, and blue clothing and decorations--there is something for everyone in Idaho. Whether it's getting outside in the great outdoors or visiting one of the many local fireworks shows.

So what was happening in Boise on this past Fourth of July? Well, a lot of all of the above--but CNN just so happened to be here, too.

Perhaps you remember it. We do--as if it were yesterday. January 6th, 2021. President Joe Biden was preparing to be the next President of the United States of America but as the former President was leaving Washington D.C., he invoked a crazy mob that stormed the United States Capitol, terrorized the facility, and thought that they could stop the votes from being certified from November's election.

Some of the folks who stormed the capitol that day were from Idaho--proud Trump supporters that believed the election was "rigged". One of them, known as "the Idaho Grandma", has been recently featured on CNN, who traveled to Boise just to tell her story on the Fourth of July.

Filmed watching downtown Boise's beautiful firework show, the feature mentions that last year at this time, she was preparing to go to federal prison. Since serving her time, which she now says she deserved, she has been made a bit of an online "mascot" and Trump himself recently shared a post that involved her.

Now, she says she is done and calls Trump's following "a cult".

View the feature for yourself, filmed by CNN here in Boise, below: 


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