It's out!!! the much anticipated Coachella 2020 line up is definitely living up to the hype. I love music, all genres of music and festivals are great purveyors of variety. One of the biggest melting pots for musical performances each year is Coachella and this year they have delivered a lineup that will attract a worldwide audience.

Personally the headliners blew me away... Rage Against the Machine which had been rumored was a nice confirmation. Travis Scott has been lighting stages on fire for the last year and I'm sure he will not disappoint in Indio. The shocker and one who almost caused a riot at Tyler The Creators Festival ( and he wan't even there) is Frank Ocean.

Here are some fun facts about Coachella according to just in case you need more motivation to go.


1. In 1999, the first year of the festival, they reportedly lost $800,000! That year, artists such as Tool, Beck, and Morrissey performed.

2. When Rascal Flatts performed in 2011, they announced on stage that Osama Bin Laden had been killed. The chant that followed was, “USA! USA! USA!”

3. In 2004, this was the first year that Coachella sold out. Radiohead headlined the Festival that year.

4. At the 2008 Coachella festival, Roger Waters’ set included an inflatable pig. This pig flew into the night and ended up landing between two homes in La Quinta, which was about a mile away. They wanted to get the prop back, so they gave these two homeowners $10,000 and free Coachella passes for life. Seems like a good deal!

5. Tupac made an appearance while Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg were performing, by bringing out a computer generated hologram of the late rapper.

6. When the festival first started, tickets were selling for just $50 per day.



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