They get in our shoes and make a mess. They get in your bike tires and deflate any chance of you peddling any further. They pierce the palms of our four legged friends. They're really just the worst.

Have you ever encountered a goathed here in the Treasure Valley? Chances are, if you've ever stepped outside of your home and gone anywhere in've encountered this annoying little prickly things. Did you know that over half of bicycles given to local kids from the Boise Bicycle Project have flat tires, because of Goatheads, within the first three months of being ridden!? They're so annoying, there's actually a city-wide effort to collect and destroy them. This is no joke.

Collect these pesky goathead plants from your neighborhood, your favorite trails, or wherever it is you want and start collecting them. There are some big rewards to be had leading up to Boise's annual Goathead Festival!

30 pounds: 1 beer or ice cream token

60 pounds: 1 beer of ice cream token

90 pounds: 1 beer or ice cream token

100 pounds: 1 Boise Goathead Fest Collectors Item

Most Picked individual: Trophy

Most Picked Neighborhood: A full on park party thrown by the city!

To see more about the event happening the first weekend of August, just click HERE.

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