One of the most extended off season in Bryan Harsin's professional career is finally over as his Auburn Tigers prepare to play their first game of the season. Coach Harsin, his staff, and his family have been through a brutal off season where total strangers have questioned his personal and professional ethics. He's like that Elton John song, 'still standing.'

The former Boise State coach will begin the season without the person who hired him. As we predicted, Auburn Athletic Director Allen Greene has left the program. Mr. Greene decided to hire Coach Harsin away from Boise State two years ago. He proclaimed at the time that he was the decision maker and not the usual suspects of crony boosters who've hired and fired coaches in the past.

    A quick look at the folks who will decide Coach Harsin's fate.

The Players in the Rise and Fall of Bryan Harsin

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The Auburn coach did name TJ Finley the starter this week against Mercer.  Many folks around the program, like former player/ESPN/SEC Analyst Cole Cubic, have high hopes for Coach Harsin.  

  While others continue to monitor the situation closely.  

 The former Boise State coach has failed to move the recruiting needle.  The Tigers are currently last in recruiting according to Saturday's Down South.

What Happens if Coach Harsin Wins At Auburn?

Many fans wonder, with Mr. Greene gone, what happens if Coach Harsin has a winning record? Will that be enough to keep him at Auburn? ESPN's Reese Davis told Paul Finebaum on his SEC Talk Show that he believes Harsin will find another opportunity after this season.

Could Coach Harsin return to Boise State? We'll continue to keep you updated as this story continues to develop.

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