It is no secret that a ton of Californians are moving out of the big state to find a different life elsewhere in the country. From earthquakes to wildfires to high taxes and many other reasons, can you really blame them? The most populous and economically rich state in the nation is slowly dwindling downward.

Do you watch Yellowstone? In the latest episode, there was a storyline where a cattle rancher and a wealthy newly moved in Californian have a confrontation about cattleguards being placed in roads that are technically in an easement. It causes the cattle rancher to spend tons of money transporting his cattle with trucks instead of just running them through the road to their range. Cattle Commissioner Kayce Dutton gets involved and after the Californian won't give in, Kayce essentially traps him in a cattleguard in the road. The scene to me seemed like an Ode to what many in Idaho and other states are feeling. An influx of people who don't understand the ways of the states and areas they move to and worse, won't even try to adapt.

Yellowstone is all based in Wyoming and some in Montana, which interestingly enough turns out to not be the top places that Californians are moving to the most. As it turns out, neither is Idaho. The website, 24/7 Wall Street took on the data of where families and people from California are moving to the most, and well, the results were a little surprising.  Wyoming must be a bit too much of a culture shock coming in at 39th place, Montana was ranked 31. Idaho came in as the eleventh most popular state for Californians to move to. Utah was the 10th.

The top five: Just to the side of Idaho and just north of California is Oregon coming in at the fifth most popular state for Cali movers. Our state neighbor up north, Washington came in at fourth place for the most Californians moving there. One of our southern boarding neighbors, Nevada took the number three spot. My home state of Arizona got second place. The top state that the most Californians are moving to currently is Texas with about 13% of exiting Californians moving there.

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