We're so excited and we just can't hide it--Costco will be bringing back their world famous SAMPLES over the next few weeks!

Name an event or "thing" and odds are it was either canceled or postponed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Important things like in-person learning for school students came to a halt. Not-so-important, yet TOTALLY loved things like weddings, concerts, and family gatherings also came to a halt. We all struggled as the whole word came to an eerie pause. Streets and businesses we were used to seeing thrive were simply quiet.

Samples, were no long served.

Costco was among the first national businesses to jump to action and find ways to promote customer safety. You may recall that early on, canceling samples was one of the first actions taken. This move was followed by a mask requirement. Then, only one shopper per family could enter. Chaos ensued as items like wet wipes, disinfectant sprays and toilet paper were flying off of shelves--often times completely sold out.

While high demand items being unavailable was an inconvenience, it was really the samples that brought about my sadness. Isn't that what the Costco experience is all about? As a kid, doing laps with my grandpa and enjoying samples was the highlight of my whole week!

News of these sample returns came from a recent earnings call and obviously as more and more individuals get vaccinated, the risk associated with stopping by a sample booth continues to decrease. Plexiglass, much like we have seen go up in local restaurants and bars, will be utilized around the booths as well.

Along with samples will come the return of food courts and allegedly a churro that is "new and improved"--we'll have to go take one of those bad boys for a test drive.

Happy sampling, Treasure Valley!

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