Boise State doesn't play anyone.

Boise State can't compete in a major conference.

Boise State isn't prepared for bowl season because of the Mountain West Conference.

How many times have we heard these evaluations of the Boise State Broncos? If you're a local like may seem like that's ALL we hear. Now, seeing Boise State play teams outside of our conference COULD be an impossibility.

Just announced this afternoon, the Pac-12 Conference has announced that ALL Fall Sports will be playing IN-CONFERENCE ONLY. Major programs like the University of Oregon, The University of Washington, and the rest, will only be playing each other to cut down on travel and reduce exposure during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Of course, this is assuming there will even be a Fall sports season. Many say there's still a chance we won't see athletics in the fall with all of the uncertainty in the air.

No word yet on what Boise State or the Mountain West Conference will decide, or if this is even on the table for discussion. A major game here in Boise will be Florida State visiting...unless the ACC decides to follow suit. The Pac-12 is a MAJOR conference and could be setting an example for the rest.

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