Just when you were hoping for the stay-at-home order to drop at the end of the month I drop this one you. Well, could this happen?

I've been working from home after my show each morning and I'm learning that isn't easy with kids. My wife does a great job but sometimes your kids don't care. They just walk in, grab your drink to pour it on your Macbook Pro, and basically derail everything. That happened on Friday 😲

I didn't take any chances and just let it sit all weekend till now. Things seem to be okay because I had to jump on and write about something kind of scary. I mean losing people is as scary as it gets so let's be clear there. Closing down grocery stores? I'm reading that experts and union officials are suggesting these moves because customers aren't following the rules to be safe.

We can always order so it's not like we're going to lose access to food but seriously? I went to Walmart a few weeks ago for pick-up and sat behind 35 cars. That is with the doors open. I've learned that going earlier is better than late and I've since not a wait like that.

Officials are nervous that continuing to allow customers to come in, break the rules, and act like everything is fine puts employees in harm's way. The quote that got me was saying that it might be time for those big chains to go, "dark."

I was reading that the United Food and Commercial Workers' union said that "careless customers" could be the worst threat. That same union said that 85% of the employees said that customers were not following social distancing. Think about that number.

A few Whole Foods stores are doing this and maybe this could slowly make it's way to Idaho. I think we would need to see a very devastating situation before we reached that point and I don't even want to think about that right now.

I'll keep you posted because there is another side to this for companies. It would cost more to just do the curbside and deliver. Think of all the new employees you would need to hire in order to facilitate such an operation. Let's just pray we have a plan that saves lives before it comes to that. Yes, it's only a small thing but it's just another reminder that this pandemic isn't going anywhere. You can read more at CNN.

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