If there's one thing that is no secret in Boise, it's that the people here love their dogs. Most bars with patios are dog friendly and spend more than a minute on the greenbelt, all you'll see is adorable doggos!

Of course, I'm a proud cat dad so yes, there are a lot more pets than just dogs here in the treasure valley. But regardless, THIS gift may be the best to get that pet loving person in your life. No shame if you're buying this for yourself, by the way.

The gift? A device that literally lets you 2-way call your pet! I just bought a Canary for my place and every now and then can check up on the cat while I'm at work. This device lets your pet call YOU! Sorry, goldfish owners...


I should warn, even thought the video above makes it really awesome..the price isn't cheap. In fact, it's $300.00.   BUT, if it's something you're deciding to go in on, find it on Amazon, HERE.

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