A recent spike in COVID-19 cases within Ada County has been cause for concern all across the State of Idaho. The numbers rose so significantly that it caused Central District Health to revert our reopening here in Ada County to Phase 3, from Phase 4. This really impacts bars, nightclubs, and venues that host large social gatherings.

As the community spread continues, we're all reminded that COVID-19 isn't discriminating when it comes to its victims. Recently, according the a news release via Dutch Bros, an employee at their Orchard St. location tested positive for the virus. The coffee shop immediately began closing procedures.

If there is ONE thing that I have seen on social media all week it has been the BIG question: IS DUTCH BROS CLOSING!?  Clearly, people want their Dutch!  At this time, and per my searches through their news page online, this is the only local location facing closure for third-party cleaning.

Kudos to Dutch Bros for being so professional in taking the steps to clean the shop and hopefully, a very popular location will be back up and running soon!

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