It's no secret that this place we call home--or, Idahome, I suppose--is a special place. It doesn't matter what you're into, there's a little bit of something for everyone.  From mountains to the palouse, towns with next to ZERO residents and a booming capital city--Idaho seems to have it all. Except for beaches.... but our lakes will do, right?

With the secret out, it's no surprise that people are moving into our state. In fact, it's well known that a lot of people have a real problem with "those Californians" that are "invading". If you thought that a global pandemic would slow the "invaders", you're very wrong.

A recent survey shows that in Idaho--more people moved IN during the pandemic than those that moved OUT.

According to a recent survey shared by Business Insider, Idaho had a net gain of 194%. In other words, 194% more people moved in to Idaho than left since March of 2020.

If you're wondering who else saw an influx--well, there's New Mexico coming in at second place...with a measly 44% compared to Idaho. Wow.

States that saw a LOSS of residents are (no surprise here) California and New York with 63% and 64%, respectively.

The survey does say that it used data from "HireAHelper", a moving service--which means that the data isn't all-encompassing and may not be ENTIRELY accurate. But certainly, it's a solid sample that speaks to the trends.

To see the survey for yourself, which is pretty interesting, just click HERE.

Would you ever want to live anywhere else!?

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