About two months ago I was at an event for the radio station and spend a few hours with clients and listeners. A good time was had by all and after three hours we all went on our way. 7 days later I was informed that one on the event organizers had tested positive for COVID-19. I immediately tried to get tested however I couldn't get into a primary care for at least 4 days. After getting tested my results we're not ready for another 4 days. 8 days later I found out I was negative, clearly there must be a better and faster way to do this. Albertson's to the rescue! According to ktvb now you can get a COVID-19 test that is 98% percent accurate for $140. Dr. Ryan Cole says that the test does have a 10% false negative due to the shipping process but at the end of the day your results will be available within 72 hours and that is a win in my mind. The FDA made the test available under an emergency use authorization.

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