Two steps forward, one step back--this is the sentiment in the air around Boise State Men's Basketball right now as the team who was really starting to recover from a slow start is now on hold.

We're going to call it like it is: Boise State fans can, at times, be a little too "spoiled".  A fanbase that is used to watching the football team win (or anymore, is used to re-living the days when all they would do is when) also constantly expects the same of the other programs. Now, historically the women's team does a great job of finding themselves in the "Big Dance" come March.  The men, on the other hand, often struggle.

A loss for the men's basketball team typically results in the "Twitter Experts" calling for Leon Rice's job.  After a bit of a slow start for the Broncos and one near-upset that would have been HUGE for their resume--they're actually doing quite well.

Yes, the team is up in the Top 50 of the entire nation. Remember-- 68 teams get into the March Madness Tournament--this is not a bad look for the Broncos who, by the way, are statistically hanging onto the best defensive performance in recent history, too.

COVID has once again, thrown a wrench into things.

The Broncos were set to play a major game tonight in a ranked and undefeated Colorado State team. Unfortunately, COVID protocols have called for the game to be postponed. This is the third game that Boise State has been unable to play, after being on a hot winning streak.

We will continue to keep you posted on the Broncos as they get ready to hit the court next.

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