This news is just coming from the Boise Parks and Recreation Department: there are coyotes wandering the Hulls Gulch Trail.

The Boise Parks and Recreation Department is reporting that hikers along the popular Hulls Gulch Trail have seen coyotes and officials are warning all those in the area that use the trail to be careful.

Now, I knew that we had Coyotes in the area and I've heard them outside at night before--especially growing up staying out near Lake Lowell with my cousins in Nampa. However, color me ignorant here: I had no idea Coyotes were dangerous!

Because in both reported coyote sightings, a dog was chased, parks and recreation officials believe that the coyote(s) in the area must have some pups--hence the hyper-vigilance.

If you see a coyote in the foothills, Boise Parks and Recreation says that you should give it/them plenty of space.  In fact, keeping your dogs on leashes may be wise, as well.

Safe hiking and remember to report any sighting to the Boise Parks and Rec offices!

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