The Treasure Valley area is welcoming all sorts of businesses to Idaho, especially ones that haven’t been in Idaho before. The very first Idaho In N Out just opened and months later the line is still hours long at times. The first Lego Store also opened and has been a hot spot for everyone since last summer. Even Brandy Melville opened its first Idaho location and people everywhere are racing to get their cute clothes before they sell out.

While there are a lot of new businesses coming to Idaho there are still more that people would love to see opening up locations, especially fast food and restaurant chains. While Idaho is home to the best locally owned businesses there are still mentions of the chains that people would love to see come here or didn’t know that they were missing out on.

California Chains Not In Idaho

Will they be opening Idaho locations soon?

Gallery Credit: Shannon Buccola

California Pizza Kitchen, despite having California in the title would be a perfect fit for downtown Boise. If you like pizza, pasta, and salads then this is definitely the restaurant for you.

Veggie Grill is perfect for all of the vegans and vegetarians out there. Their long menu is completely vegan and vegetarian friendly, transforming foods that usually wouldn’t be possible for vegans and vegetarians and making them absolutely meat-free and delicious.

Cava puts a Mediterranean twist on Chipotle and is a Southern California fan favorite. The line is constantly out the door and we’d love to see them bring a location to Idaho.

Raising Caines is for all of the chicken finger lovers out there. It’s one of the most talked about fast food restaurants in California and we know it would thrive in Idaho.

Ruby’s Diner is a fun and cute diner that is a California staple. I think it’s time for them to bring the good vibes over for Idaho to enjoy.

Mendocino Farms is perfect for those who love a good sandwich and salad combination and they are slowly taking over California, is Idaho next???

True Food Kitchen is an American classic featuring everything from salads and bowls to sourdough pizzas and burgers.

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