Just a day ago, we were all talking about the creepy clown phenomenon in Nampa and today we are hearing reports of two different sightings of those creepy clowns in Boise. 

The Nampa police were talking about a threatening Facebook post but no official sighting of a creepy clown but all of you calling in beg to differ - it's just that the sightings are happening in different cities throughout the Treasure Valley.

Where "creepy clowns" have been spotted:

  • Overland and Maple Grove - Boise
  • At Owyhee Park - Boise
  • Walmart - Ontario

What should you do?

  1. Don't hunt them. Many kids are going on clown hunts with baseball bats. Be careful and maybe not do that. I mean, I'm no police officer but this screams "awful idea".
  2. Call police if you suspect anything: 570-6000


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