After McCall banned alcohol from North Beach, Crouch became THE destination to party hard for the 4th of July!  The New York Post even got a hold of video from last year's celebration and published it on their website as "A 'Redneck' 4th of July that Kind of Makes You Proud to Be an American."

In the video you see Idahoans wearing helmets, drinking beer and swing dancing right next to piles of fireworks. At the end, the New York Post told the Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular to move over because they wanted to party in Crouch in 2017.

Well...if they're sending a camera crew out there this year they'll find a very different 4th of July celebration.  According to KTVB, the mountain town is working to cut down on the number of illegal fireworks and the amount of alcohol consumption.  Residents got together and with the city and have decided to ban ALL FIREWORKS (including sparklers) inside city limits.

Now before you point out that those city limits are only a mile long, that's where the chaos you see in the New York Post video happens every year.  Signs will be posted with a telephone number to contact the fire department where there's always a sheriff's deputy stationed for residents that see illegal firework activity within that one mile stretch. They're bringing in additional law enforcement to help enforce the ban.

Crouch also reminds people celebrating the 4th with fireworks that you could face a $200 fine for setting off fireworks in the Boise National Forest and that you will be held accountable for any forest fire you start.

A reminder to ANYONE setting off fireworks, aerial fireworks are illegal across the entire state of Idaho.

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