Is it possible that Christmas in Idaho could be canceled? A festive tree placed at the statehouse is there every single year as the city gathers around drinking hot chocolate waiting for the annual tree lighting. Maybe not this year. 

When it comes to Christmas, I don't mess around. I bought a 6' tall nutcracker and put it up just after Halloween. Slowly but surely, my house filled with Christmas from corner to corner. Okay, it wasn't slowly - I just lied. My facebook blew up with comments when the Hallmark Channel announced they will be releasing 33 new Christmas movies this year. I digress. This was just to prove to you that I have an obsession that will not allow for an empty Capitol Building around the holidays.

So, in an effort to do so, this is a mission for Cruise & Box to save Christmas.


photo: Tawsha Box
photo: Tawsha Box

Typically, by July, there's a tree chosen to represent the state's holiday cheer along with a backup just in case that tree doesn't come through or some random, unknown thing interrupts the procurement of said tree. This year: Nobody.

CRUISE BOX - black



We're looking for you. Perhaps we can use our network of people (as in, your network of people) to help find a tree that can stand in front of the cheerful community at Christmastime.

The requirements are simple.

  1. The tree must be a blue spruce
  2. Height should reach at least 35 feet
  3. Tree must have a single, main trunk
  4. Location of tree is to be within a 10 mile radius of the Statehouse

If you can find this tree, call the Idaho Department of Administration and arrange for your donation to do whatever it does between living in the ground and standing in front of the Capitol.

Think of your grandparent's house or that land your friend owns and invites you over to BBQ in the summer. As long as we aren't going out and randomly finding a tree that doesn't belong to us, it's fair game.


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