How do we start caring about the NBA Finals when we don't have a team playing? We make a bet. After last night's game, one of us is in the lead and is one step closer to ruining the other person's life. 

Chris hasn't ever seen a full basketball game on TV so keep that in mind as he chooses his team. I watch sports often and I'm a fan of basketball but I don't have a team that I'm extremely passionate about. This is where we are coming from when we make a bet.


  • Chris owns a pair of Lebrons so he thinks the Cavaliers will win.
  • Tawsha chooses the Warriors based on their momentum and desire to have a repeat of last year. Their team just feels more cohesive.


The person who chose the correct team to win the NBA Finals gets to take over the other person's Instagram account for 24 hours. Sounds kind of tame, right? Oh, the things you can do with someone else's account. We will make it entertaining for you.


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