The Miami Heat 2 time world champion is headed back to Cleveland. It's confirmed by "King James" that he said "No" to Pat Riley of the Miami Heat.

Lebron said,

"My relationship with Northeast Ohio is bigger than basketball," James told in a first-person essay. "I didn't realize that four years ago. I do now."


What does that say about the Champ?  Lebron left his hometown, the Cavaliers and headed to South Beach 4 years ago.  Miami went to 4 straight NBA Finals and walked about with 2 championships.  It was quite the different site in Cleveland.  Fans burned his jersey and owner Dan Gilbert disowned "King James" in the letter heard around the country.  You have to be a pretty big man to swallow all that and head back to where it all started - Akron, Ohio.  It's also and indication that Lebron will turn an economy back, buzz the city and behold Lebron "The King" James is back.  It will be interesting on how the owner handles his shame.  Will Lebron be the new owner?  We DO know that Cleveland Browns new sensation - Johnny Manziel "Mr. Football" will have front row seats!

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Good luck brotha and can't wait to see the fine print.



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