Renting a Boise Green Bike modeled after Kristin Armstrong's Olympic bicycle will also give to a good cause. As the wind is blowing through your hair, wave at everyone you pass because they know you're a great human being. 

Boise Green Bike allows anyone to rent bikes and ride through the city. They just unveiled a black Green Bike that is modeled after her Olympic bike.

During the year, ever time the black Armstrong bike is rented, $1 is donated to the Kristin Armstrong Youth Scholarship Fund.

Kristin says:

There is a health crisis, there is childhood obesity but there also is diabetes, there are other health issues that we have going on and we need to focus on healthier us. This bike, I hope it motivates you and I hope you feel like I do when I get on my bike," said Armstrong.


In the Treasure Valley, we're known for riding bikes. Once the sun is out, the cars tend to stay in the garages and bikes are everywhere. As much as many of us want to ride a bike, we can't all afford to get ourselves a great bike. This is how Boise GreenBike was created.

Here's how it works:

  1. Reserve a bike (download mobile app HERE and also register for an account)
  2. Enter your PIN to unlock a bike
  3. Ride and enjoy your time
  4. Return your bike to one of the hub locations

Pricing for a bike runs from $4 - $100 depending on your membership.

In addition to the new Kristin Armstrong bike, Boise GreenBike says they will be adding 16 new bike station hubs. Let's go biking!

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