We don't even have to leave our computers or phones to save money. This is why Cyber Monday is so great. To top it all off, there are some amazing deals today. We'll break it down so you just have to simply click. 

USA Today went and gathered the top 20 Cyber Monday deals and they haven't disappointed. Plus, there's a list of even MORE deals from stores like Target and Starbucks.

Ready? We'll name a few.

50% off Smart self-balancing hoverboard + free shipping
Was $569.99
Now $279.99
Higher grade hoverboards with Samsung batteries and carrying cases are also available

Oh wait...there's more!

This is just a summary of what's being offered. Check out the ENTIRE LIST HERE!

Kohl's and eBay are also offering great deals HERE.

Then there's WalMart. My gosh, we wish we'd won the lottery over the weekend just so we could shop and see how much money we have saved. See WalMart's deals HERE.

If you  need me today, I'll be online.

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