Daniel Radcliffe in the bedroom keeps getting better and better! Wait, what? Then he talks about a stranger under a bridge. Okay, now we're interested. Tell us more, Harry Potter!

For those who have entertained the thought of Daniel Radcliffe being your other half, how about we torture you by saying that he is probably all you imagined and isn't available.

Womp, womp.

In a recent interview with Elle, Daniel talks about losing his virginity and says, “I’m one of the few people who seem to have had a really good first time. It was with somebody I’d gotten to know well. I’m happy to say I’ve had a lot better sex since then, but it wasn’t as horrendously embarrassing as a lot of other people’s were — like my friend who got drunk and did it with a stranger under a bridge.”

Now we want to hear the story about his friend!

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