Time to Shop - Star Wars Day Deals
May the fourth be with you. It's National Star Wars Day which, I thought, meant we just talked about Star Wars. Not the case. It's also a day to shop with some major discounts on Star Wars items.
Trader Joe's Product Recall
I have a minor obsession with Trader Joe's and you can find me downtown at least once a week (I'm trying out my restraint). If you're anything like me, you'll need to double-check some items you picked up but there are only 5.
Trending for Star Wars Day
May the fourth be with you, friends. It's Star Wars Day and we're milking it for all it's worth. Aside from Star Wars, there's breaking news of Ted Cruz, Justin Bieber and the most influential moms. What on earth would the three topics have in common? They're trending.
What's Trending - Tuesday, May 3
Channing Tatum's wife bought him WHAT for his birthday? This celebrity announced she's pregnant with baby #2 and Idaho residents can no longer do this. Get all your trending news for the day in one quick summary.
What's Trending - Monday, May 2
Let's recap what we're all talking about today. In short, President Obama had a literal 'drop the mic' moment, Bieber made a big change over the weekend and a woman is suing over too much ice in her coffee.

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