Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

This is going to be one grr-iffic night with Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood live from the Morrison Center. I can hear the intro in my head right now because that song is so catchy and we also watched it every day ALL day.

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is based on the Neighborhood Of Make-Believe in Mister Roger's Neighborhood. Daniel Tiger make the hood go crazy!

The King for a Day themed music will be a perfect day for all those little tigers. Daniel Tiger will be bringing his favorite friends

  • Katerina Kittycat daughter of Henrietta Pussycat
  • Miss Elaina daughter of Lady Elaine Fairchilde and Music Man Stan
  • O the Owl nephew of X the Owl
  • and Prince Wednesday, King Friday and Queen Sara Saturday's youngest son and Prince Tuesday's little brother.

I dare you to try and NOT love this show for several reasons. My son watched this all the time and whenever they try to teach a lesson, they come up with a quick little song. Sound cheesy? Well, not exactly considering kids know the lyrics to songs with the snap of a finger. This is a brilliant teaching method and we've used them with our son.

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood was actually the brainchild of Mister Roger's (Fred Rogers) executive producer and Fred Roger's company. They began back in 2012 on PBS with a few episodes and the rest is history. I remember watching and wondering how they got away with all the Mister Roger's references and similar model. The same people created it and kept Mister Roger's Neighborhood alive in the Make-Believe Neighborhood.

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Live "King for a Day" is currently just in Boise for one day and a 1:00 p.m. showing. I'm not sure if that will change but tickets go on sale Friday, September 14 at 10:00 a.m. Keep listening for free tickets because I will definitely be taking our son if he's still into it come February.

  • Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood King for a Day
  • Morrison Center
  • Sunday, February 17, 2019 at 1:00 p.m.
  • Tickets are $22.50, $27.50, $35.00, $45.00, and $75.00

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