I don't have to tell you that the past 12-months have been pretty crazy. Is it fair to point out we're coming up on March 2021 and most of us are still coping with March of 2020, when this pandemic hit us like a steam engine?  A lot has gone on, good and bad, worldwide. How has life been for you? One thing is for sure: nobody has gone to concerts, nobody has done much traveling, and weekends look a WHOLE LOT different than what we're used to. Why am I so content on my couch during a Saturday night whereas 12-months ago I would have needed to be downtown Boise in the middle of all of the action?

A local tweet making the rounds online has me thinking: how in the hell have people been meeting and dating during all of this? Are we all just losing our social skills?  While here in Idaho  more than most places, there are opportunities to go out if you so choose--nothing is particularly the "same".

So how HAVE we been dating during all of this? I look back and realize that I met someone special to me during all of this. DURING A PANDEMIC OF ALL TIMES. Is this just a cuffing season on steroids?

Some responses on Twitter were:

So YOU tell US: best COVID-safe dates right now?

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