"Don't dip my bucket" is a real phrase yelled out in my house. Talk about a visual way of seeing what comes in as positive and what gets taken out because of negativity. Ironically, I started this on a day that was filled with all sorts of "bucket dipping". 

This whole #BetterMeIn30 has been more of an eye-opener than I expected. One of the main things is facing what is actually going on in life and making a conscious decision to let each situation get to me or find the good in it. Yesterday, after filling my "bucket" full of positivity (Starburst candy corn), life just sort of unraveled. If something could have gone wrong, it did. I was frustrated and discouraged and wanted to sleep my way through the rest of the week.

Life is meant to be faced. Are these things something that will matter in a month or two? Some, yes. Most no. As for those "some" things, is there anything I can do to change it? Can I take control? Can I find the positive? Can I empower myself to be better? The answer was "yes" for each question.

In one day of having a bucket, I've become extremely aware of my day and who I choose to let enter my mind and influence my thoughts. Some people have a way of really cutting deep. Others can be brushed off. Both kinds of people are not allowed to control me. I won't let it happen.

My little candy corns laying outside my "bucket" are real negative occurrences. This is after I placed a few back in having turned them into positivity or recognizing that it doesn't control me and won't consume me.

I'm thinking my next book should be How Full Is Your Bucket?.

Are you doing this challenge with us? What have you found to be the most impactful step so far? Comment below.

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