The Super Bowl is over, the wait for commercials is done, and for some people, the halftime performance is already forgotten. What about movies? Some in Idaho would say that Deadpool 2 was more memorable than this year's low-energy big game.

Say hello to the 91st Annual Academy Awards. No, it hasn't happened yet but I understand how you may mistakenly think it has. So much hype already and just released everyone's favorite movie, state-by-state and the Idaho winner is...

Deadpool 2 was Idaho's most hyped movie in 2018. I love Ryan Reynolds but I didn't see that one coming. I'm so far behind on superhero movies that this didn't come close to registering for me, but that's not the case for Idaho. That goes for Washington and Oregon, not including Montana. The "Big Sky Country" of Montana is all about Jurassic Park: The Fallen Kingdom (including my son, Lennox).

Movies with the most Hype 2018

I was actually surprised to see that Black Panther only won in the deep South. I was thinking it was only because of release date but Deadpool 2 only had a few months on it. I thought Black Panther more buzz but what do I know. Deadpool 2 brought in $772 million versus Black Panther's $1.347 billion dollars at the box office. If you look at the U.S. grid about you'll see that most of the country agreed with Idaho making this the favorite. If this were an electoral map you would have....I'm kidding!

Don't expect Reynolds or Deadpool 2 to beat out Black Panther in any category. All that said everyone is going to have their hands full with the Green Book, The Wife and more.

I noticed that our California friends are the only ones loving Mission Impossible. They love their Tom Cruise and will be equally excited to see Top Gun 2 (I guess?)

There might be some truth behind all the music shows that have been broadcast live on television to the singing reality-based shows. Below is a bar graph in which Musicals reigns supreme by the audience.

Audience vs Critic Genre Scores 2018



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