Before this turns into some sort of angry "stay out of Idaho" vibe...I should clarify: people moving to Boise really doesn't bother me. As long as good people that embrace the city's charm are coming in-- I'm cool with the growth!

I'm definitely the observant type. In a social setting, I like to sit back, keep my myself, and watch people. That drives some of my friends absolutely crazy...but I just hate, on personal time, being in the middle of the action. I was also always the kid that would remember weird things like barcode numbers or license plates. My mind is a strange, strange place.

Regardless, over the past few weeks, maybe even a couple of months, I've been noticing something random: there are a TON of Texas license plates driving around the Treasure Valley! Now that I have noticed this, I feel like I'm seeing them even MORE now. I shared this with Mikey a few weeks ago and now HE can't stop seeing them.

Are Texans flocking to the Gem State? Statistically, I have no clue. It seems so, though.

Have you noticed this at all or am I crazy!?

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