Each Thursday, we deliver donuts all across the Treasure Valley to homes, offices, dorms, and more. In the process, meeting some really great people here in our community becomes one of the best parts of the day--when I saw that an office we were very familiar with here at 103.5 KISS FM was doing something awesome--I had to share the news!

There's nothing more important than a smile and when you're a kid playing sports, it's easy to not realize just how AT RISK you're putting those pearly whites!  Growing up with my mom as a Dental Hygienist, protecting my teeth was the most important thing ever playing football-- I dreaded the day she would catch me with my mouthguard OUT...now, I'm glad I always protected my teeth!

Our friends over at Whitewater Oral Surgery Group are doing a pretty awesome thing for kids here in our community that are active and needing mouth guards!

On Tuesday, August 11th, the crew over at Whitewater Oral Surgery are going to be offering FREE professional, custom-fitted mouth guards to any local active kids!

These professionally fitted mouthpieces are far better than anything you'll find in a store or on Amazon and by the way...they're free. I can't recommend this enough.

After meeting the team over at Whitewater a few weeks ago, I can also assure you that these folks are the sweetest and will make the process fun and easy!

For more on 'Defend Your Mouth Day', click HERE.

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