Hope you insured that registry gift: Demi Lovato's left at the altar in her brand new "Tell Me You Love Me" video, which dropped today (December 1), and may have usurped the title of saddest pop bride in the process.

"Tell Me You Love Me," which complements the second single off of Lovato's new eponymous album, finds her character and a love interest — played by Grey's Anatomy's Jesse Williams — dreamily enjoying the early stages of an engagement. But jealousy and deceit quickly begin to plague the couple, and when their big day finally comes, Williams' character decides he simply can't take the drama anymore, and ditches Demi for greener pastures.


No, it's certainly not ideal, but does Demi land the consolation of outdoing Kelly Clarkson, Pink and more of pop history's most devastated brides? Check out a collection of pop-video wedding disasters below, and tell us where you think "Tell Me You Love Me" lands.

"Behind These Hazel Eyes," Kelly Clarkson

Sure, Kelly gets the last laugh, but revenge is preceded by pain, and for a long while through the third video off of Breakaway, she's forced to confront the anguish of learning her betrothed has been cheating on her (and finding out in front of all of her family and friends). At least the video's beautiful (that shot at 3:07!!!).

"I Don't Believe You," Pink

The beautiful black-and-white clip finds the typically gruff pop star elegantly mourning a failed relationship in an empty function hall as she croons "I don't believe you / When you say don't come around here no more."

"Mistakes," Tove Styrke

Julia Roberts' runaway bride wishes she could... Let's not complicate this — Tove spends the video's duration running, running, running and...running. Finally, she stumbles upon a fleet of runaway brides who proceed to party. Why not!

"I Don't," Mariah Carey

We're not sure what, exactly, shattered Mimi's relationship into a million pieces. Suffice it to say, though, it's over, and Carey spends the better part of the clip relentlessly dismissing her ex, and burning her white dress to prove just how over him she really is.

"Just a Dream," Carrie Underwood

Carrie's vision of a perfect wedding dream devolves into a nightmare in her 2009 video, which finds the video's bride ready for a ceremony, only to learn her husband's been killed in war, and she'll have to get gussied up for his funeral, instead.

"Hot N Cold," Katy Perry

Katy's totally on board to marry her true love in the clip from her 2008 tune — that is, until she realizes he's overcome with doubt. Rather than try to work things out, Katy decides it's time to throw in the towel, and ditches her main man at the altar. Cold feet are no longer her concern.

"Best Thing I Never Had," Beyonce

Mixed with vintage home footage of Beyonce's high school relationship, "Best Thing I Never Had" finds Bey grappling with the fact that she's been dumped before the wedding bells have officially rung. Her devastation's short-lived, though, as she proves with beautiful gowns and knowing grins that she's better off.

Demi Lovato Is a Bombshell in Black Lace at 2017 MTV VMAs:

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