I'm currently dying inside because I missed a run in with one of my favorite TV stars ever!

The resemblance is just too uncanny for this photo Channel 2 Chief Meterologist, Roland Steadham, took not to be Designated Survior star and 24 legend, Kiefer Sutherland!

He and Channel 2 anchor, Brent Hunsaker, were having dinner at the Downtown Chipotle when they captured the photo of Kiefer.

Right before I moved to Boise, I watched the final season of 24 at the request of my ex who loved the series and watched all the stupid things I made him watch. I got sucked in and since I didn't know anyone outside of 103.5 KISS FM when I moved here, one of the first things I did as adult, on my own for the first time, was binge watch the entire series. I'm equally obsessed with Kiefer's current ABC drama, Designated Survivor, so you can imagine how devestated I am that it wasn't me that happened to be eating at Chipotle on Monday night.

As a self proclaimed Kiefer fan girl, I think I can help answer Roland's question of what brings Kiefer to Boise. Earlier on Monday I saw some super entertaining tweets of Kiefer having some sort of drinking contest with stuffed animals. It started with this tweet saying he was driving to Utah.

A quick Google search later, I put all the pieces together! Kiefer's currently traveling with his band on the "Not Enough Whiskey" tour that played in Seattle on Sunday night. They have another show in Salt Lake tonight, so by deductive reasoning...I can only guess that Boise was a stop on the way to the next show!

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