Update: As of today, July 19th, 2021 this article has been updated to reflect a little more information coming to fans from Boise State University. 

Nothing has been the same over the last 12-months. If you would have told us over a year ago that we would be going into and through a GLOBAL PANDEMIC--I think everyone would have chuckled a little. Here we are, a year later, trying to navigate our way out of something that we never could have expected. Along with that pandemic came a lot of cancelations. Nothing BUT cancelations, really. No weddings, no gatherings, no sports, no concerts--no fun, really! Get ready, Bronco fans. At this point in time, in-person fans are expected to be in Boise State's Albertsons Stadium for football. But that's not all... As shared on Twitter by local sorts reporter B.J. Rains, the new AD at Boise State, Jeremiah Dickey has been talking about "enhancements" that will be coming to the in-person experience:  

  While we wait to hear just want those announcements are, one tweet in particular really stood out. A one-word reply from Dickey stood out even more. For years, Boise State fans have wanted beer sales in Albertsons Stadium and you may recall that before the pandemic, this had finally become a reality. Unfortunately, there were no games to go to and experience this. Dickey, in one single tweet, reminded everyone that this remains and fans seemed very excited:  

So, fans-- cheers to what should be a pretty exciting and upgraded in-game experience!


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