You can't throw a rock without hitting a Disney fan in 2022. Which isn't surprising considering Disney fanatics have been some of the most passionate and vocal fanbases in history. Even if the Gem State of Idaho, you'll find lovers of Disney across every Idaho town, both small and large.

The funny thing is, we're willing to bet a lot of Disney fans in Idaho aren't aware exactly how tightly-knit we are with the Disney family. As in, the actual Disney family.

It's not Walt Disney, just a heads up. He was born and raised in the Chicago area and moved to California as a young adult to fulfill his dream of being an artist. A few years later, Walt hired a young ink artist by the name of Lillian Bounds.

You may know her better as Lillian Disney, because her and Walt were married in 1925 and stayed together until 1966 when Walt passed away.

Here's the thing: Lillian was born in Spalding, Idaho, and her and Walt were married in Lewiston, Idaho!

The tale goes that Walt was constantly bouncing ideas off his wife Lillian, and she was notorious for giving it to him straight. If she loved an idea or loathed it, she let Walt know.

Pretty cool, right? So next time you're talking to a fellow Disney fan, and you tell them you're from Idaho, see if they pick up on the connection. If so, you may have just met your Disney BFF for life!

If not, please direct them to this article so they don't look stupid ;)

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