If you've lived in Idaho for any measurable amount of time, then you're most likely aware of what Idaho is most famous for.


That is, if you're not from here. If you're actually from the Gem State, then you know there's so much more to Idaho than just potatoes. Like furrys!

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You may not have been privy to this, but at one point, Idaho was the host of a pretty popular Furry convention.

Yep, according to Wikifur, Idaho was, back about ten years ago, host to FurIdaho, a gathering of Furrys in and around Idaho.

As a matter of fact, FurIdaho took place for a number of years, started back in 2012. While it now looks like the event is defunct and will no longer be taking place in the future, it was most certainly a thing about a decade ago here in Idaho.

While other states have their own "FurCon" or an event of a similar name, as of the writing of this article, you're pretty hard-pressed to find news about Furry events in the state of Idaho in 2024.


Knowing what you know now, would you say people who identify themselves as Furries are welcome in the state of Idaho?

We recently posted this article online, and the response was...something. Some folks were welcoming with open arms, while many others were vocal about wanting to treat these people like actual animals.

Not cool.


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