What are you afraid of? Are you ready for my quick list that seems to get larger as I get older?? I will make simple and emoji-filled ⚰️‍♂️ That should do it! Let's just say you're not sure what freaks you out or nothing spooks you. What if you scare easily?!?! That means you should be at the Discovery Center on Friday Night.

Science of Fear Adult Night at the Discovery Center

Get your fright on Friday night a the Science of Fear! I think they're calling some spots an eternal slumber?? Yo, you are NOT getting me in a coffin. Speaking of that, why would I get in one??? I guess you could answer that by stepping inside and letting them close the casket. Go ahead, girlfriend! It's all YOU!

Join the "Why Are You Afraid Adult Night" this Friday night with all the perks!

  • Bevvies: Poserhaus Brewing Company & Wine
  • Boise Fry Company will be in the house with the most amazing Idaho treats to choose from.
  • Live DJ Mighty Fang!
  • Boise Brew Card.

Some of these features will also be available to entertain and fright.

  • Idaho Virtual Reality Council.
  • Boise Escape on Wheels.
  • Idaho State Police with some cool forensic Scientists and detective doing a presentation.
  • Relyea Funeral Chapel for you to lay for a few in a beautiful coffin. Nice photo op yo!
  • Nancy Buffington Ph.D. will be hosting a Q&A regarding freakshows.
  • Mari Beth Stein, NP - Discussing the minutes before death.

There will be costume contests and more. This is a 21+ event and you can get more from the Discovery Center's Facebook Page and Website.


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