Are your kids super in to dinosaurs? Make plans to see "Sue the T. Rex" at The Discovery Center.

I forget which grade I was in when we started studying the dinosaurs, but I was immediately obsessed with the dinos.  My sister and I had the Toy Street Inc, Dinosaur Playset that we would play with for hours. I was more into the long neck herbivore dinosaurs like the Brontosaurus and Brachiosaurus than the T-Rex when I was younger. (I almost always let Caitlin take that dinosaur to play with.) And I can't remember if I got it at the Scholastic Book Fair or my parents bought it for me somewhere else, but I had a "Drawing Dinosaurs" book.  I'd sit there and draw dinos for hours.  My aunt, who lives in Cleveland, Ohio, noticed how much her nieces were into the prehistoric reptiles and took us to The Natural History Museum to see the skeletons.  It was one of the single coolest moments of my young life.

Now your kids have the same opportunity right here in the Treasure Valley! The Discovery Center of Idaho welcomes "Sue the T. Rex" as their newest exhibit! According to Channel 2, the Sue at the Discovery Center is a replica of the world's most complete, preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex.

On Monday, Sue arrived in Boise in 250 pieces and the staff worked around the clock to have her completely assembled by 5 p.m. that evening. She's so large that the Discovery Center actually had to close for a few days to prepared for her arrival by removing lighting fixtures and widening doors. It reopens to the public on Saturday.  Sue will be in Boise until May 7th.

BTW, if you are an adult like me that loved dinosaurs when you were a kid and want to relive your childhood, The Discovery Center is hosting an Adult Night "A Brew with Sue" on January 27th from 6:30 - 9:30 p.m.  Powderhaus Brewing is the featured beer of the evening and the evening includes some cool bonus exhibits from Steve Brittenham the Fossil Guy and Gonstead Spine & Wellness.

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