The numbers are out and surprise, Boise: we aren't one of the most diverse cities in America.  WalletHub, a popular online finance and living service has published their findings and THIS is a list Boise isn't at the top of (I know, we've gotten so used to the opposite).

So here's Boise's rank on OVERALL diversity: #377.  Yeah, we're WAY down that list. Regional neighbor, Spokane, Washington ranks about ten spots below us.

When broken down, Boise ranks even worse, coming in at 403rd for ethnoracial diversity (diversity that relates to either ethnicity or race), 314th for linguistic diversity (shout out to all of our speakers of multiple languages), and 136th for birthplace diversity.

With Birthplace Diversity being Idaho's highest ranking stat, I think that speaks pretty clearly for the amount of people moving IN TO our state from other birthplaces. I guess the secret really is out. You can see the spread below.

SO. As for the MOST diverse in the country-- any guesses?

Overall it's Jersey City, New Jersey.

The numbers and stats behind this survey are pretty fascinating and if you're a numbers geek like me, you may appreciate the findings like I did.

Check out the FULL survey and even the methodology behind compiling these results, by clicking HERE.

Source: WalletHub

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