The Treasure Valley is absolutely growing, and with that, so are the crime rates.

I think we all get caught up in feeling extremely safe here in small-town Idaho, because generally it IS pretty safe here, especially compared to other places throughout the country, but don’t be fooled… Idaho’s average crime rates are rising, even here in the Treasure Valley.

So, what cities in the Treasure Valley are the most dangerous?

According to both and, Caldwell, Nampa, and Garden City appear to be where the most crime happens here, however they’ve ranked the cities a little differently.

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Do You Live in One of Treasure Valley's Top 3 Dangerous Cities?

As you can probably put together, the data for all 3 of these cities is kind of everywhere, but it is definitely a clear top 3 dangerous cities in the Treasure Valley.

If you dive deeper into the data on either of those websites (and others you may find), you’ll notice pretty high numbers in those 3 cities for property crimes, burglary, and violent crimes including rape cases, assault, and domestic violence.

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