I hate to see these types of crimes happening in what I've grown up to know as our safe city of Boise, Idaho. However, there are people out there that ruin it for the rest and an unfortunate situation has lead to the Boise Police Department to ask for the publics help.

Can you identify the man sketched? Boise Police are hoping that someone can--or that someone may have information.

In a statement released by Boise Police:

On August 20, 2020 around 8pm a teenager, riding her bike on the greenbelt, reported being approached by a man who used his bike to cause her to crash.  The male proceeded to grope her and threaten her until another bike rider could be heard approaching and the suspect fled.  The victim was traveling in the area of Willow Lane at the time.

The fact that this would happen in out city is terrifying and resources have been / are currently being offered to the teenage victim.

Most importantly, we have the suspects description also issued in a release from the Boise Police Department.

The suspect is described as being in his 20’s, tall and thin, pale white, with short blond hair.  At the time he was clean shaven and was said to have a very prominent “Roman” (hook) nose.  The suspect was also riding a black mountain bike with large tires.  It’s possible the suspect was also later seen riding in the passenger seat of a grey 2006-2007 Nissan Murano.  A composite sketch of the suspect is attached.

If you have any information on this, please contact Crime Stoppers at 208-343-COPS

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