Doctor Ryan Cole has gained a lot of media attention for his beliefs on how one should be treated during the Covid pandemic. Cole, the owner of Cole Diagnostics, has appeared on countless radio, television, and other forms of media distribution, expressing his beliefs on using Ivermectin, vitamins, and the vaccine themselves.  

Doctor Cole was recently selected to serve as a representative of Ada County on the Central District Health Board. Cole is the only physician on the board.  

Multiple sources are now reporting that Cole will not be part of the Saint Luke's Health System.  The Idaho Capital Sun first broke the story several days ago. "St. Luke's can confirm that Cole Diagnostics (and its sole provider, Dr. Cole) is no longer participating in the St. Luke's Health Partners or BrightPath networks," Christine Myron, St. Luke's Health System's public relations manager for the Treasure Valley, wrote in an email to the Idaho Capital Sun. (St. Luke's Health Partners is known in some regions of Idaho as BrightPath.)"
Multiple media outlets have reached out to Cole, who has not responded to their comments request. Washington Medical Commission is investigating him, reports KTVB.  

In October, the Idaho Capital Sun said that the Idaho Medical Association was investigating Dr. Cole. The doctor has given many speeches, including the capitol clarity series led by Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin. At this publication, we haven't been aware of any public speaking events featuring Doctor Cole.  

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