You've put a little money aside all week for your "going out to eat fund," and you're ready to hit the town and grab some grub.

But did you bring some extra money to pay for valet parking in downtown Boise?

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Yes, there are currently a few businesses and locations in downtown Boise, Idaho that provide you with valet parking upon request. Don't want to have to walk all the way from the parking garage? Too hot out? Is it raining? Just valet!

But, would you use the service if it were required to park in Boise?

We can't imagine the absolute engineering nightmare it'd be trying to convert every single Boise business and parking lot to valet-only. While valet is usually around to handle traffic jams and avoid congestion in parking lots, would requiring each and every structure, business, and destination in Boise make for a more enjoyable experience while visiting downtown?

Would you support Boise going to valet-only policy downtown?

Also, yes you are expected to tip your valet driver. Per

A general rule of thumb? Between $3 and $5 per car, or you could go with a small percentage of the overall parking fee. You'll need to also consider the level of service provided.

Meaning, if valet becomes a required service in Boise, you can expect to shell out a few extra dollars every single time you go out, even if you don't want to use the valet service.

Maybe it's not the best idea.


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