There are definitely Tinder horror stories but we haven't heard one like Intern Jordy's yet. She described a photo to me in person but didn't message the guy at all. Right when she got home, she gets a message quoting what she had said (out loud) about his profile photo. Who is this guy? Why didn't he talk to her in person? Now he has disappeared. 

This was the strangest experience.

Intern Jordy signed a contract a little over a month ago to not date this dude who is a total loser. He takes advantage of his "friends" and cheats on the girls he's dating. So, pretty much, this guy needs a massive time out so he can think about what he's done.

In the meantime, we got Intern Jordy on Tinder so she can get out there and dabble in the dating world. It's the easiest way, right?

Jordy's Tinder account is the most fun to swipe on. It seems like every single person who is swiped right on automatically matches with her. I mean, she's gorgeous. What's funny is that she doesn't totally get it. What you would expect her to act like, she doesn't.

This weekend at China, the NFL players were all about her but the girls weren't. On a personal note: I don't get it. How is it that girls are so intimidated by other girls if they aren't doing anything to offend you? Ladies, we need to work on this. We are a sisterhood, not enemies. I digress.

Here's where the Tinder story begins:

Intern Jordy was checking her messages and she saw a profile that had a photo of two guys. She didn't message back but we were talking about the guys in the photo while we were in the office outside of the studio. All she said was that she didn't care which one of these guys was the one who matched with her because they were both cute.

About an hour later, once Jordy got home, she gets a message that directly quoted what she had said to me at my desk. Keep in mind, she didn't message anyone back.

The dude was in the office and didn't say anything.

Who is this guy?

We went back to look at the message and the guy is gone. It seems that he has unmatched Jordy.

Ummm... this went from kind of cute (interesting) to a creepy ghosting situation.

We have to figure out who this person is.

In the meantime, what's your Tinder horror story?


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