#KatFished: Episode 38- Sammi vs Caleb
Sammi recently got engaged to Caleb, but after he went to a friend's Bachelor party in Vegas, he's been acting 'different' since being home. He deleted Facebook, hasn't been talking about wedding plans and she found a business card for a law firm.

#KatFished: Episode 37- Julianne vs Ethan
Julianne was changing a song on her boyfriend's phone when a text popped up from "Heather Tinder". Ethan snatched his phone away, claimed she was from way before they met and randomly text him, and deleted it without showing her.

#KatFished: Episode 32- Anita vs Walt
Anita was cleaning her boyfriend's car, and found an unknown phone in his glovebox. It was locked, but she saw notifications on the home screen from Tinder and Bumble, plus texts from a few different girls.

#KatFished: Episode 27- Julia vs Dustin
Julia just started dating Dustin and got a really bizarre message from his ex-fiance in the middle of the night one night saying he's a liar and a cheater. But when she responded asking for clarification, she got blocked.

#KatFished: Episode 2- Megan vs Daniel
Megan and Daniel met on Bumble and were only dating a few months before she got pregnant. They're still together, but she's noticed a change since having the baby. He's acting different, going out a lot, and she's worried that he's cheating.

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