#KatFished: Episode 2- Megan vs Daniel
Megan and Daniel met on Bumble and were only dating a few months before she got pregnant. They're still together, but she's noticed a change since having the baby. He's acting different, going out a lot, and she's worried that he's cheating.

Does Intern Jordy Have a Tinder Stalker?
There are definitely Tinder horror stories but we haven't heard one like Intern Jordy's yet. She described a photo to me in person but didn't message the guy at all. Right when she got home, she gets a message quoting what she had said (out loud) about his profile photo. Who is t…
R.I.P. Tinder
He finally did it. After failing miserably for months on Tinder, Chris Cruise decided to delete the app from his phone forever.
Tinder Debuts Group Matching
Boise friends...or should I say 'Boise friends-to-be'? Get on Tinder because it's not all about the hookups or meeting that one person you can turn date one into date two. It's now about finding friends around you and planning a night out.

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