So many people have been waiting to find out what's going to happen during this coronavirus quarantine. My co-host just went to get tested and more places are beginning to close their doors.

It's scary for all these businesses because how can you go in a eat without being surrounded by so many people. That goes for grocery shopping too because everyone is there. Well, I just came across somewhat of a silver lining to get outside with your pups this Spring.

The City of Boise allows a dog off-leash season every year and they've decided to extend it this year for a few parks. There are so many people stuck inside with their pets and the city wants to make sure you get the opportunity to get out with your pets.

Just make sure you spread out with your pets and as usual clean up after them. I've attached a video from Mayor McLean that explains everything you need to know.

Here are a couple things you must abide by.

  • Dogs must be licensed
  • Dogs can't mess with people or attack other animals
  • Dogs must be on a leash unless it's posted otherwise
  • Owners must pick up after dogs.

Be safe and enjoy!



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