If you've lived in Idaho for any considerable amount of time, you've most likely realized a few things that are illegal in our lovely state:

  • Smoking or possession of marijuana
  • Stealing
  • Murder
  • Trying to climb the cross on Table Rock (we think)

You know, the usual stuff.

If you find yourself specifically living in Eagle, Idaho, well, there's another legal matter you should know about.

Just know that this is probably something you've done dozens, if not hundreds of times outside your home.

Have you ever been sweeping dirt and dust out of your house with a broom, then brush it into the street? Well, guess what? You just broke the law in Eagle, Idaho!

You read that correctly:

In Eagle, it is illegal to sweep dirt from one's house into the street.

Now, have we ever heard of a single case of someone in Eagle getting arrested for sweeping some dust into the street? As of the writing of this article, no we have not. It doesn't mean it can't happen, it just seems highly unlikely, doesn't it?

A few other really weird laws in Idaho to be aware of:

  • In Idaho, it's illegal to fish off the back of a camel
  • Pocatello, Idaho requires you to smile by law
  • It's illegal across the state of Idaho to hunt from a helicopter, regardless of if it's airborne or not

Oh god. And don't get us started on the underwear law that we all have to follow. Shouldn't we be free to choose our own undergarments?


Idaho Law: Don't Forget to Wear Underwear in Public or Else...

Gallery Credit: Hannah Shippen, Townsquare Media

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