October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and I wanted to share something each day with you that might help you or someone else. Today's helping hand I guess you could say is the Shoe Card. Have you seen one of these before?

Shoe Card

Domestic Violence is not only a threat to our community, but is showcased in politics, sports, and entertainment. We stand up in April against child abuse and are very aware that child abuse can stem from domestic violence. I carry this in my wallet, and you never know when YOU might need it.

The Shoe Card is something that the WCA (Women's and Children's Alliance) gives out to everyone they come in contact with. The goal is to prepare yourself when that moment comes up. That moment could be in your life or someone else's. You can pick these up at the WCA or print this for safe keeping. If you need more, contact me, and I'll make sure you get plenty. kekeluv@1035kissfmboise.com.

In case your new to the area or just never heard of the WCA, let me introduce you to an amazing organization saving lives right now. The Women's and Children's Alliance is responsible 9,172 safe bed nights for women and their children. Assisted in 1,950 hotline calls, 652 civil protection orders, took over 2,662 calls to the WCA court advocacy program. The WCA is a safe place for families in crisis. I will be posting up something each day throughout the month of October that may help you or someone else. Please take these cards below and share, print, or save.

Shoe Card A
Shoe Card B


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