Money talks, right? Well-- watch out for this scam that promises a whole lot of money but will deliver absolutely NONE.

Phone scams aren't so rare anymore--in fact, I'm in shock at how often I get a call about a fake expired warranty or prize on my cell phone every week. I remember when the 'Do Not Call List' was a thing for landlines--now, they come in just as easy with cell phones. My grandparents, several weeks ago, received a phone call claiming that it was ME, in jail, and needing bailed out--of course, requesting a wire transfer of cash. Luckily they knew better than to expect I would be in jail for drugs...

According to Idaho 2 News, an Idaho couple really dodged a bullet and you could be the next target. It happened in Picabo, Idaho, where a couple was told via a phone call that they had won $250,000 from the Publisher's Clearing House. The call stated if they wired $850 to a random place in Florida, the Clearing House team would get up to them and deliver that big coveted check. The couple got all the way to the nearest Walmart which was over an hour away and then decided...something was up, and didn't wire the funds.

Yeah-- if you're winning money then you shouldn't be paying for it.

Phone scams are rampant anymore so always be caution of who you're talking to and what's being requested of you!


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