Just a subtle reminder...it's Father's Day today!

If there is one thing that I inherited from my dad, it's the trait of never taking pictures.  I went to write this blog and realized...we have hardly ANY photos together!  That's definitely something we need to work on.  Pictures or no pictures-- today is a day to remember your dad, your father figure, or yes--your single mom for raising you and being there for you!  I'm blessed to have a grandfather and a father to thank today for constant love and support both growing up, and today.

If there's one thing my dad has taught me--it's how to be strong and persevere. Since I was a kid, my dad was a runner. If my parents and I ever left town, it was because my dad had a race. McCall, Portland, Coeur d'Alene, you name it...my dad ran it. I'll never forget getting a phone call in 5th grade after school, my dad had been in a serious work accident and flow via helicopter to a trauma surgeon at St. Al's in Boise. I'll never forget the feeling when my heart sank, or the visuals of him in the hospital.  My dad is a tough guy and I watched him recover...it took years. While running isn't much of an option anymore for him, he's onto road biking...happy and healthy.

Dad's are awesome. Feel free to share your favorite thing about your dad, in the comments!

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