What made YOU smile today?

Every single day here at the radio station I check this website that lists off "national days" and every now and then I find a winner. Who doesn't love eating an extra taco because it's National Taco Day--or tipping back one more locally brewed IPA for National Beer Day?

I checked the list today and found out we're in the midst of National Smile Day and I couldn't help but share. It's been really stressful around the radio station lately-- mostly because I just get bogged down in "work mode" every now and then. Behind the scenes, all of our computer systems are updating to new software and that means a WHOLE LOT of data entry at my desk. YES-- data entry!! Doesn't that sound glamorous!?

Learning it was National Smile Day made me step back and think- what made me smile today? Here's my list:

  • I got to go to lunch with one of my close friends that will be leaving town soon.
  • I woke up to a healthy cat and came to a job that I love
  • I had a really fun conversation about "throwback songs" with my boss
  • I beat Kekeluv in our Apple Watch step taking challenge

Even if you had a "long day" like me-- what's ONE THING that made you smile?

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